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„Experience modern trends in OT network management for secured operation and deepen your knowledge in cyber-security. Make a first step towards the high level of reliability and security in your OT networks by attending our educational awareness course!“

Course Description

Attendees become familiar with lab environment which represents typical structured control system. Based on demonstrated environment attendees experience typical operational incidents in general OT operation and administration. Attendees get understanding what are root causes of these incidents based on architecture design, network communication and its administration during OT modernization from past to Industry 4.0. After operational incidents OT network is exposed to cyber security attacks with demonstrated impact on industrial control structures and company assets. Participants will be guided through cyber attack anatomy, possible offensive vectors, infection spreading in OT network and potential consequences on victim’s infrastructure. Conclusion of experienced practice is to understand significance of measures in prevention and on-time detection of operational and security incidents by using modern platforms based on machine learning. In order to leverage learning effect, lectures contain practical examples in laboratory OT environment.

Training added value

• Importance in prevention measures in order to enhance overall operational reliability and security of OT network
• Practical exercise how to identify most common attacks in OT infrastructure
• Practical methods of modern platforms for on-time detections and advanced examination in operational and security incidents in OT infrastructures
• Practical exercise how to recognize operational incidents from security incidents in OT operations (Benefits of applied modern mechanisms for easier identification and visibility)
• Activities related to threat detection and handling cyber security incidents in OT network
• Roles and value of cyber security technologies in OT network prevention and defense
• Importance of Incident Response (Hybrid SOC) and needed cooperation in order to keep OT infrastructure safe

Target Audience

Awareness course is best for Experts who participate in OT infrastructure design or actively maintaining safe operations in OT networks. Typically related to positions in area of Engineering in OT, Dispatcher, Administrator, High-level Designer, OT Architect, Consultant or OT “Super User”. Course is also suitable for employees providing IT support for OT networks. Least but not last for all Security Specialists who would like to deepen their skills and knowledge with security and reliability of the industrial control systems.

Aim of the course

Increase awareness of latest methods in management and design of OT networks, gain agility in finding a remediating operating problems and possible cyber risks related to these networks. For these purposes a specific training scenario was developed. Workshop of operational and cyber security issues in virtual laboratory offers unique opportunity to get know-how of modern trends in identification and building up solutions.


1st day

09.00 — 12.00
OT Network evolution (From Serial to Ethernet), Architecture and Key OT Components, Typical operational incidents in OT Networks (Deterministic approach vs. Stochastic Network). Incidents related to visibility in OT Network – compliance documentation audit. Demonstration of typical operational incidents in OT laboratory, explanation incident causes. Practical examples in LAB environment.

13.00 — 17.00
Cybersecurity in OT. Main OT components as critical elements in cybersecurity risks. Cyber attack classification in OT network. Cyber attack vectors and their propagation routes across industrial networks. Cyber attack anatomy, Cyber-Kill chain, significance of effective defence in OT network. Incident recognition, operational and cybersecurity incidents. Cyber attacks and their impacts on industrial control infrastructures. Cyber attack investigation by using traditional analytical tools like Wireshark. Hybrid SOC establishment (Security Operations Centre) as a defence division for cyber incidents response and investigation. Practical demonstration of potential cyber attacks in OT networks. Defining requirements for effective management and incidents on-time detection/response on OT networks.

2nd day

09.00 — 12.00
Best practice for effective on-time detection and quick response to main security incidents in industrial network. Handling measures of operational and cybersecurity incidents by using modern software platforms based on artificial intelligence “Machine learning”. Integration of these platforms into industrial control systems. Basic principles and definitions (Deep Learning, Packet Investigation, Network monitoring…). Automatic on-time detection and indication of potential operational and security incidents. Big data transformation to common team language – Dashboards. Effective management and OT network visibility.

13.00 — 17.00
Hands-on sessions, participants may experience all benefits by integrating modern platforms for operational and security incidents in OT laboratory environment. Comparison of modern detection methods vs. conventional methods. Practical scenarios for participants – operational incidents in OT network, Man in the middle, Corrupting data, Protocol violation, Malware infection in OT network.

About us

Corpus Solutions is consulting and technological company which focuses on the field of applied cyber security. We develop and implement supporting tools which facilitate quick identification of cyber threats at customers and provide an immediate visibility of protected infrastructures. We systematically lead our customers in order that they learn to understand the cyber threats which endanger their business and they are able to act in a proper way. We pride ourselves in the highly professional services which are provided by experts with a long history in the field of cyber security. This team underwent a very demanding training in Israel where they obtained highly needed know-how which they further pass on their customers.

VUMS DataCom is a purely Czech company with rich experience in data communications solutions. For a quarter of a century, we have been using our knowledge to implement advanced technologies. We are constantly developing across data service segments, IT / OT security and data communications. To all our partners - operators, system integrators – we deliver highly qualified environmental support with respect for the values of others. Trust and adherence to ethics towards our partners is the basic principle of our business. True to tradition we offer the tailor-made solutions to really help your business.

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